Against a multitude of similar companies – all offering an ‘outsourced solution’ – I must admit my expectations were not high. After 25 years of listening to sales teams trumpet their ‘unrivalled ability’, ‘relentless enthusiasm’, and producing endless statistics to support their stellar projections – I thought I had endured enough failed promises and missed targets to see me well into a paupers grave.

However –

Difficult. In fact I would say near ‘impossible Clients’ have been wholly subdued by the ‘force of Gravity’.

I can’t ever remember writing such a glowing report on someone’s performance. It might be easier to inform you how we read some of the initial e-mails from Clients confirming payment schedules, etc with a dose of incredulity. But the payments then arrived. On time. In full.

How? I cannot say for sure. Suffice to say that I can not recommend your service more highly.

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